We are committed to enriching the lives of students through performance programs and curriculum-related arts projects.

Our AIE programs combine a workable balance of hands-on teaching, student participation in interdisciplinary projects, teacher training and professional performance which are acclaimed throughout the New York City region!

BAE’s programs are praised for directly involving children in the creative process, making them aware of the arts’ importance. Serving the State Learning Standards, the programs improve reading and writing skills as well as English comprehension. Our projects involve the interdisciplinary learning of English, history and social studies, as well as art and music. [quote cite=”Business Week magazine”]Arts instruction pushes students to perform – and to produce – by offering models of excellence, and by clearly defining the paths for achieving it.[/quote]

To expose students to great music of both Western and other cultures, through performance and classroom demonstrations
•To promote links between music/the arts and familiar subject areas
•To heighten student self-esteem and pride in heritage through an aesthetic experience
•To improve student reading and writing skills through the arts
•To provide hands-on tools to integrate the arts into existing academic curriculum

•To instruct teachers in using artistic principles including skills-based activities, and to offer professional development to teachers to develop these principles
•To involve students in artistic activities to enhance reading and communication
•To teach students the commitment, discipline and training required of an artist, and to encourage these ideals for general achievement
•To build critical thinking skills and verbalizing judgments
•To build future audiences for the arts among students and their teachers
•To encourage parents and families to appreciate the arts, in and out of school
•To develop the appreciation of diverse cultures through the arts

To meet the needs of our sophisticated technological society, the work force of today needs “the adaptable learner”. Poor communication skills can limit intellectual growth as well as future job opportunities. BAE’s programs help improve student verbal skills through reading, writing and communication, utilizing theater, music, dance and visual arts. Self-discipline and self-esteem are developed, and teachers as well expand their own artistic vision.[/tab][tab title=”AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT”]Once the envy of the nation, New York City’s school arts education underwent an alarming reduction through financial cutbacks. Happily, the Mayor and City Department of Education have now earmarked funds for principals to fulfill the mandate of developing revived arts instruction with community-based arts groups. Nonprofit arts organizations are enabling a resurgence in the development of younger generations – students and teachers – as enthusiastic audiences for the concert hall and theater. Integrating the Arts into the Curriculum/Traditional Arts Education. In order to sustain the above stated momentum, there needs to be a link to core subjects – reading, English, social studies, math and science. More students need to be exposed to the arts, whether it turns out that they are personally gifted or not. Schools can use the arts

– as a means of inquiry and expression to enliven academic subjects
– to teach them for their own aesthetic worth

The need for basic arts education remains: students with talent and ambition must receive hands-on training. BAE artists, involved in interdisciplinary school projects, also support school instrumental and choral teachers, as well as those in visual arts, dance and drama.[/tab][/tabs]



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