COVID-19: BAE Concert Schedule 

An Update From BAE

March 2020

Dear Concertgoers, Students and other BAE program constituents. We wish you well during these challenging times.

We are sorry to tell all our devoted concert-goers that our March and April concerts have been postponed. We hope to reschedule the evening with Angélica Negrón and the salon with Pedro Díaz. Similarly, our wonderful children’s musicals and senior center concerts are on hold until the crisis is averted.

BAE’s arts education program in public schools is gearing up to continue to service our thousands of students in remote learning mode. As a practice, our teaching artists provide our students with a safe space to create art and we are committed to continuing this practice online.

These are challenging times for all. Our many talented artists and their families really struggle when concert venues and schools are closed. Please think of them and consider donating what you can to Bronx Arts Ensemble so we can continue to find new ways to engage our artists with deserving audiences and students.

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Note: Our office phone will not be responsive as we are out of the office. To contact us, please email us at

Teaching the Arts Via Google Hangouts

In response to the COVID 19 crisis, Bronx Arts Ensemble is continuing to help our public school students create art via the Google Classroom distance learning platform.

BAE’s Arts Education approach is currently being modified to allow for the presentation of more supportive arts education materials that will engage students to explore avenues to express themselves (Social-emotional Learning), while supplying more enrichment materials about art forms (Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education). Students will also be challenged to creatively lead and collaborate through art education projects (21st Century Learning Standards), as well as have fun, learning through assigned online arts education games.

BAE Teaching Artists will be engaging students in various teaching styles: Unit-Based Learning (utilizing scaffolding & setting benchmarks), Peer to Peer Learning (students researching & sharing knowledge with each other), Project-Based Learning (students tackling real world problems & finding unique solutions), all with the goal of engaging students at deeper levels; to experience the art forms beyond the practice of Skills-Based Learning.

BAE Teaching Artists have always taken special care in modifying their approaches to best suit the challenges that face each student, in each school environment. As we find ourselves in this unique educational situation, BAE is meeting the challenge of distance learning with a positive attitude; viewing this as an opportunity to present enriching content that will support arts education school partnerships that were successfully established at the start of the 2019-20 school year.

For more information, please contact our programs managers:
Mayra Medina at
Maggie Krupka at

Thank you, Judith Insell, Director of Curriculum and Artist Development