Our friends over at the Riverdale Press recently interviewed our Executive Director David Nussenbaum and our Music Programs Manager Becky Fradkin.

Click here to read the article, or read below for some highlights!

This season, our mission is to “display some of the beauty of Mexican culture”  by placing a special focus on the music of Mexico (Fradkin).

Our 2018-2019 concert season kicked off on October 21st with “Woodwinds of Mexico and Russia”. ”

“Looking ahead to the [rest of the] concert season, the ensemble has started partnerships with Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Belmont and the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance in Westchester Square, in order to expose more communities to a diverse range of music.” (Moustakas, Oct. 2018)

The interview also discussed some of BAE’s other exciting programs. Perhaps most notably, our crew discussed the plans to expand The Bill Scribner Young Artist Competition. Next year, we’ll be introducing more opportunities to help young and upcoming artists gain exposure! We’re so excited!